Excusing Yourself 101: Watch And Learn How BTS’s Jin Tried To Ditch His Workout

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the best execution…

In BTS‘s Love Yourself Tour Making Film – Berlin, Jin took ARMYs on a wholesome behind-the-scenes adventure, uncovering what he does when he isn’t performing on stage.

At one point though, as he was getting ready to wow ARMYs in Europe, he filmed himself working out to get the body warmed up for the show.

It’s time for me to exercise so the body is warmed up before the show. What are we doing today? Squats and push ups.

— Jin

Under the trainer’s guidance, Jin gritted through the multiple sets of squats…

… but when it came time to do the push ups, he had become simply too pooped.

Trying to run from the workout session all together, Jin came up with the cutest excuse:

Wait a second…? I think I left the stove on at home.

— Jin

And ARMYs can’t stop laughing at Jin’s most random statement… and relating to that sentiment all too well.

Peak comedy is [Jin] saying that he thinks he has forgotten the stove on at home to escape a series of push-ups WHILE HIS ASS IS LITERALLY IN EUROPE.

— Twitter @jinspasta

So the excuse didn’t quite work for Jin, but perhaps you’ll have better luck. The next time you need a solid reason to excuse yourself from something, simply remember Jin and his stove.

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO