EXID’s Hani Totally Transformed Her Look by Toning down Her Hair and Makeup

Hani looks very different, in a good way.

EXID was recently photographed on their way to their KBS’s Music Bank rehearsal, and Hani‘s photos, in particular, is receiving particular attention due to her transformed look.

In contrast to Hani’s previous looks, she showed up with darker hair and very light makeup that made her look sweet and innocent.

On top of that, Hani also wore a blank dress with tennis shoes that added to her youthful appearance.

What was especially surprising was that even though Hani wore close to no makeup, that actually highlighted her flawless skin and natural beauty even more.

There’s no doubt that Hani has always looked stunning, and she was never known for wearing a lot of makeup, to begin with, but her new hair and makeup made her look very different.

Check out some more photos of Hani’s beautiful new look below:





Source: Insight