EXID’s Hyerin Once Had To Work Odd Jobs To Feed Her Members

The members didn’t know.

EXID may be one of Korea’s top groups at the moment, but they weren’t always so successful.

Before their hit song “Up and Down” went viral care of Hani‘s fancam, the group said they barely had any schedules.

Revealing on Knowing Brothers just how dire their financial situation was, Hani explained that they only ate ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. LE agreed by saying that they “didn’t have any money”.

I think we tried every flavor [of ramen].

– Hani

To help them cope better, maknae Hyerin bought her fellow members cheaper food from stores in front of her university. As this got expensive on her limited budget, however, she took up a part-time job to be able to continue buying them meals.

I took up a part-time job without telling them. It was at an ice cream shop.

– Hyerin

When the members found out in a radio show years later, they shared how touched they felt at their maknae‘s silent support.

She told us way later, after we did well. She talked about it suddenly on the radio. I was very sorry. [The members] didn’t know and ate well. We tried not to talk about our own hardships back then.

– Hani

Their bond is truly real!