EXID Members Name Who Has The Worst Fashion Style

This member is known for her extreme love for casual lounging clothes!

EXID‘s Hani was singled out by her fellow EXID members as having the worst sense of fashion style in the team!


On 2PM Date, when the EXID members were asked to select a group member who does not know how to dress to impress, all fingers pointed to Hani.

Hani argued, “It’s not that I don’t know how to dress up. It’s because I wear the same things over and over, isn’t it?”


But L.E confirmed it’s because of her unique sense of style. She shared, “Hani dressed up like a pen the other day and that became a hot issue!”

This red-black-and-yellow look went viral as the “Pen Look” and had the internet cracking up about how strangely similar the two are.


Hani explained, “Hyelin used to dress worse than I did. But she became interested in fashion. She started shopping for clothes and wearing skirts.”


When Hani revealed she had some online shopping done herself and will try to dress up a little more, the members were thrilled!

“I’m going to try a bit harder now. I actually did some online shopping today morning. You should all be looking forward to it!” — Hani


Hani has quite a list of times she dressed up with a unique style of her own. She prefers to stay simple and casual, likely contributing to fans thinking Hani can’t dress well.


But even in the most comfy looking outfits, Hani shines like a goddess!

It’s hard to argue that Hani looks beautiful no matter what she wears.


You can hear the entire EXID section of the radio show here:

Source: Newsen