EXO-Ls Have Mixed Feelings About EXO’s Special 7 Year Anniversary Merchandise

One item has been getting a lot of different reactions from fans:

Every year on their artists’ debut anniversaries, companies tend to release special merchandise to celebrate and commemorate the special milestone. But SM Entertainment just released their merchandise for EXO‘s big 7 year anniversary and nobody is quite sure how to react.


This year, a number of different goods were introduced ranging from keychains and pendants to trophies and mugs.


But where keychains and pendants were relatively normal offerings, SM Entertainment also introduced…metal straws!


Yes, metal straws!


There are 9 straws in total with each of the member’s names engraved onto them and each one comes with its own EXO pouch and cleaning kit.


When fans first stumbled upon this specific product, they weren’t too sure how to react. Some fans weren’t in love with the metal straws.


Some fans even criticized SM Entertainment for releasing them as they felt like it was merely a marketing strategy rather than something special to help celebrate their debut anniversary.


Although there were many fans who were not impressed with the straws, there were many more who thought it was a brilliant idea. Some fans thought the item was practical and good for the environment.


Others thought they were actually quite pretty and expressed that they wanted to buy them.


And although fans aren’t in 100% agreement over the product, they are in agreement to wish EXO a very happy 7 year anniversary! And here’s to many more spectacular years with them too!


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