EXO’s Baekhyun Can Finally Draw More Than Just Dumplings—And His Reaction Is Actually Really Inspiring

Let’s be honest, the real piece of art is Baekhyun wearing a beret~

EXO‘s Baekhyun stayed faithful to EXO-Ls with his monthly YouTube update, and this time, it’s art class! Even if you’re not much of an art person, just tuning in for Baekhyun’s lovable expressions will have your cheeks hurting. However, it’s his words and actions that truly encourage fans as he begins his artistic journey.

Baekhyun started off by giving fans a quick explanation about his art skills: he had only ever drawn at the level of dumpling emojis. And as fans were quick to notice, he really did draw dumplings a lot (weren’t they the cutest?).

Since he’d never done oil pastel drawings before, Baekhyun was understandably nervous. But more than learning art, he was learning how to get out of his comfort zone, and how he could do a lot more than he thought.

Of course, it’s not easy trying to let go of your doubts when you first try something new, and Baekhyun was no different. But with the help of his teacher and encouragement from the staff, Baekhyun completed his first oil pastel drawing proudly. He affectionately titled it Perseverance, capturing his efforts and his journey in this art lesson.

The title is “Please Persevere!”

— Baekhyun

Still, it wouldn’t be a Baekhyun video without a funny quip, and the idol didn’t hesitate to compare the sky in his painting to the ice cream he used to eat on school field days.

Jokes aside, Baekhyun leaves kind encouragements for anyone who might be watching. No matter your age, you’re never too late to try new things or new hobbies.

For him, drawing used to be a skill others were born with, and while he admired them, he never thought that he could do the same. However, after trying out oil pastels, he realized that he could also create wonderful pieces of art, even as a beginner.

I recommend that you also experience many things as a hobby, and find something that you like that will help you to relieve stress.

— Baekhyun

What makes Baekhyun so lovable is his unending care towards his fans, and his encouragement warms the hearts of all who listen. So if there’s anything you’ve been wanting to try, have courage! Be patient with yourself and remember that you’re trying new things for enjoyment, not perfection. Your effort is what’s most beautiful, and if your hobbies give you joy, what more is there to ask for?