EXO’s Baekhyun Boosts His Fans’ Vocabulary After This Curious Post About Shaved Ice

“I had strawberry shaved ice but…”

On June 17, 2020, EXO‘s Baekhyun shot his fans a “bubble”, or a message, on SM Entertainment‘s fan application Lysn.

EXO Baekhyun’s Twitter @B_hundred_Hyun

In this message, he endearingly wrote, “I had strawberry shaved ice… but the strawberries were a bit ssaegeureowuh.

When EXO-Ls checked the message, they immediately became puzzled. The adjective Baekhyun used to describe the strawberries, to be “ssaegeureowuh” (쌔그러워, a form of 쌔그럽다), sounded completely foreign to many.

The word soon appeared on Naver’s trending searches:

Ssaegeureopda, or to be ssageureowuh, means to be sour — in the South Korean Gyeongsang province dialect. Though Baekhyun is not from the province, he somehow knew exactly how to use this word…

Picture Unrelated / Herald Corp

… and surprised the curious EXO-Ls with it!

  • “I had to look it up too, I’ve never heard of that word in my life before.”
  • “I’m from Busan and I hear this all the time. It’s usually to describe sour fruits.”
  • “Wait, but Baekhyun’s not even from Gyeongsang province. How does he know?”
  • “Wow, this is cool. I’m learning new things!”
  • “LMAO. I’m simply shocked by this trending on the search list. How many of you actually looked it up?!”

Soon enough, Baekhyun tweeted his amusement at the word appearing on the trending search list.

What the heck happened with ssaegeureopda, it’s on the trending search list…? LOL.

— Baekhyun

Thanks to the sour strawberries on his strawberry shaved ice, it seems Baekhyun boosted EXO-Ls’ vocabulary by one awesome word, eh?

Source: THEQOO and MK