A Fanboy Shouted His Love For Baekhyun At His Concert And What Baekhyun Did Next Was Everything

Everyone is in love with his reaction:

Although there are still more performances to come, EXO-CBX‘s EXO-CBX “Magical Circus” 2019 — Special Edition concert tour has already given EXO-Ls a whole lot of unforgettable moments. Among them all there is one moment, in particular, that has fans just can’t stop talking about.


At the end of one of their concerts in Saitama, Baekhyun was up onstage having fun talking to fans when suddenly one fan couldn’t hold back his love for Baekhyun any longer and shouted it out for everyone to hear!

I love you!

— Baekhyun Fan


Upon hearing the words, Baekhyun quickly looked around before telling him to say it again!

One more time!

— Baekhyun


And when the fan did, Baekhyun smiled widely and added in an “I’m here” causing the crowd to laugh and cheer.


The moment has been receiving a whole lot of love and attention from EXO-Ls who just can’t seem to get the moment off their mind. It isn’t hard to understand why though because the moment couldn’t have been any cuter! Check it out in the fancam below!


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