EXO’s Baekhyun Proved Once And For All That He’s The True President Of Chen’s Fanclub

There’s no doubt he’s the president of Chen’s fanclub!

When it comes to fanboying, EXO‘s Baekhyun is known for stanning his fellow member Chen! He’s always the first to send love to Chen and he’s been caught multiple times being a serious Soondingie (Chen’s individual fandom name).


He’s always the first to promote Chen’s songs including his recent solo debut. Not to mention the time he named Chen as the ballad prince of EXO! While EXO-Ls were already sure he is the president of Chen’s fanclub, there are even more convinced after his most recent Chen adventures!


On May 9, it was confirmed that Chen would be joining Im Han Byul in a duet collaboration. While fans were extremely excited about the release, they also knew that Baekhyun would be too especially since he’s a fan of Im Han Byul too!


And when the song dropped, they were right because Baekhyun was the first person to promote the song on his Instagram!

‘May We Bye’ (with Chen) – Im Hanbyul hyung. # PleaseGiveItALotOfLove #MyFavoritePeople #Let’sSingASong


As soon as fans saw his post, they couldn’t help commenting on Baekhyun’s president status!



There’s no doubt that Baekyun really is the president of Soondingies!