Baekhyun Declared Chen The True Ballad Prince Of EXO Proving He’s Chen’s Biggest Fan

He really is the biggest Soondingie!

Baekhyun‘s smooth vocals have always soothed fans ears and with his ability to sing slower jams with ease, Baekhyun has often found himself being dubbed the ballad prince of EXO…except according to him he’s not!


The other day, Baekhyun made a return to Twitter much to the delight of fans. Although he only posted a single tweet to his page, he also surprised some lucky fans by leaving comments on some of their posts about him!


Among those that received a reply was one EXO-L who had posted about Baekhyun and declared him the ballad prince!

Our Baekhyun really is a prince. He’s Asia’s ballad prince.


But Baekhyun didn’t think he was the ballad prince. Instead, he thought of someone else and crowned Chen the prince of ballads!

Ballad prince, Jongdae (Chen)!


Although fans are in 100% agreement that both Chen and Baekhyun are ballad princes, they’re absolutely loving his answer especially since it’s further proof that Baekhyun is Chen’s biggest fan!


Fans know that Baekhyun is always the first to send love to Chen and have caught him being a serious Soondingie (Chen’s individual fandom name). For instance, last time Baekhyun went wild on Twitter he couldn’t help promoting Chen’s solo release!

I really like Jongdae’s song… I want to see the music video quickly too!


He also was the first person to promote the song and even made sure he attended Chen’s Music Core performance to show some extra support for him!

Xiumin and Baekhyun came out to support Chen!


With this latest addition, fans are absolutely melting over their adorable friendship and they are 100% ready to name him the president of the Soondingie fanclub!