Baekhyun Has Been Going Wild On Twitter And Fans Are Loving It

Baekhyun spent a lot of time interacting with fans:

It’s not every day that a K-Pop idol decides to take to Twitter and then go wild interacting with fans, but that’s exactly what EXO‘s Baekhyun has been doing recently.


The other day, Baekhyun surprised everyone by making a surprise appearance on his Twitter page. Baekhyun hasn’t posted anything on Twitter since February so when Baekhyun suddenly popped up with a hi to fans, EXO-Ls were shocked in the best way possible!



But Baekhyun didn’t just say hello to fans, he started sending out tweets like crazy! He teased fans with his love for Chen’s new song…

I really like Jongdae’s song… I want to see the music video quickly too!


Promised fans he was taking care of his health…

My stiff neck is okay now! Recently, I’ve been taking care of my health really well! It seems like the pillow was too high for me! When I woke up, my neck was always in pain, so I changed to a cervical pillow and it’s good now.


And asked fans to let him know what they were doing!

What are you guys doing?


EXO-Ls responded in kind. They told him all about their day and Baekhyun responded to each and every fan! Some fans he praised for sharing all the details of their day…

You’re such a filial child! I praise you!


Oh, I really like all the details!


Baekhyun also showed off his amazing sense of humor with a couple of answers that made fans laugh out loud!

At the end of the day, you Facebook messaged the person you like!?



Although Baekhyun eventually said his goodnight to EXO-L, the whole experience was one that fans absolutely loved.