EXO’s Baekhyun Confesses He Was Insecure After Debuting

“The other members were already so prepared… I was so lacking…”

Although EXO debuted nearly ten years ago, Baekhyun still remembers those days as if they were yesterday.

When he was asked to share his thoughts of finding out he’d debut in the group, Baekhyun revealed it was a joyful occasion but later came with some insecurity.

Since he hadn’t been training for long under SM Entertainment, Baekhyun was thrilled to hear that his work up until then had paid off in achieving his dream. “Firstly, I was so happy because I would get to debut. It wasn’t long since I entered the company, but to think I would debut, it was hard to believe.”

After the happiness settled down, the pressure that came with being skilled as an idol started to weigh on him, “At the time, I was so very happy, but I did feel pressure once I actually debuted.” His short training period left him feeling insecure.

While the rest of the group had more experience and skills to show, Baekhyun didn’t have those same things to rely on. “Right when I debuted, because the other members were already so prepared and had so many things they could show…what I could show at that time was so limited.”

In particular, he noted how he wasn’t as talented in dancing and photo shoots as he is now. He hadn’t yet known the proper way to handle those situations, “I was so lacking in dance practice. As for singing, as it was something I did for so long, I was okay. But, additional things, such as photo shoots, it was so unfamiliar for me.”

Fortunately, Baekhyun was a part of a team. Where he was inexperienced, the rest of EXO stepped in to help him improve.

Their support helped ease some of the pressure he felt, “So, I felt such pressure, but the members helped me when my dance needed work. I could really lean on my members for support, as we have so many members.”

He didn’t wallow in that insecurity, though. As he gained experience and honed his skills, he became the confident Baekhyun everyone knows today. “So, as I overcame these obstacles, I gained confidence in that respect as well. I was a case where I improved later. It was like this.”

Even though he brushed off the fact that he was chosen for the group with so little training because of chance, that doesn’t seem to be why. “Seven months. I had such good luck.” Although Baekhyun wasn’t as skilled as he is now, they saw the potential in the powerhouse he’d become.

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