EXO’s Baekhyun Experienced The Struggles Of International Fans As He Tried Out A Translator App

Now he knows the struggle is real:

While translation apps are great tools, anyone who has ever used one knows that they don’t always work exactly how we’d like. Oftentimes, the translation just doesn’t communicate the exact message you were trying to send and ends up being, well, strange. International fans definitely know the struggle of dealing with translator apps and now, so too does EXO‘s Baekhyun!

A few days ago, Baekhyun surprised fans when he made his long-awaited return to Weibo. To celebrate his return, Baekhyun first posted a stunning new selca and happily greeted C-Eris.

While his first post already had hearts feeling full, pretty soon Baekhyun was back with a new post that had everyone grinning from ear to ear.

Writing half of his next message in Chinese, Baekhyun started off by letting C-Eris know that he had finally found his Weibo password. As for the latter half of his message, Baekhyun cutely apologized in Korean for any mistakes in his earlier words since he’d used a translator for the message!

I finally found my password…. Is that right?… ㅠㅠ Sorry, I used a translator..

Baekhyun’s message quickly caught the attention of fans all over the world who are absolutely loving not only the fact that Baekhyun used the translator so he could speak with fans a little more easily…

But also because he experienced the struggle that is translating apps!

The fact that Baekhyun is even willing to deal with a translation app just so he can talk with fans a little bit easier, it’s just further proof that Baekhyun really is the sweetest!