EXO’s Baekhyun Just Got A Gaming Invitation From His Favorite Gamer Faker

EXO-Ls are convinced Baekhyun is the luckiest fanboy ever!

EXO-Ls are beyond excited for Baekhyun because he just got a special invitation from his all-time favorite pro gamer, Faker!


A few weeks ago, Baekhyun shared his first meeting with professional League of Legends player Faker in a behind-the-scenes look at the SKT5G Launching Showcase. Fans loved everything about the moment from Baekhyun’s shy fanboy moments to his game against Faker!


But there was one thing that fans had wanted to know, did Baekhyun ever get Faker’s phone number so the two could play together again?

I wanted to ask for his phone number and play a game with him. However, I can’t…I can only cough!

— Baekhyun


While it was later revealed by Baekhyun that he hadn’t gotten Faker’s number, fans just found out that an exchange of phone numbers wasn’t actually necessary! Faker just posted his own video inviting Baekhyun to play with him!

Hello, this is SKT’s Faker. Baekhyun said he wanted to have a duo with me. If he has time, I would like to have a duo with him too! Thank you.

— Faker


Since seeing the video, EXO-Ls have been expressing their excitement for Baekhyun!


With an invitation now sent, EXO-Ls are crossing their fingers that Baekhyun will have the chance to have some fun with Faker soon!