Baekhyun’s Gaming Translator Proved She Takes Her Job Very Seriously

And EXO-Ls love it!

We’ve all seen how seriously K-Pop managers take their jobs, making sure that the idols under their charge get to their events on time and making sure they have a great experience with their fans but EXO-Ls have recently fallen in love with the professionalism displayed by one translator.


Although fans haven’t gotten to see EXO Baekhyun‘s translator from his time on SM Entertainment’s SM Super Celeb League Gaming Broadcast, they’ve completely fallen in love with her. Not only does she have amazing have an amazing sense of humor like when she revealed the true identity of “The Lost Dream”…


She also takes her translation job very seriously! She’s always ready to help Baekhyun with his Chinese.


And will translate anything Baekhyun says into Chinese right away.




EXO-Ls noticed right away that the translator literally yelled right after Baekhyun did his own yell of frustration at losing the game and have been cracking up ever since.


Now she has quite a few fans herself!