EXO-Ls Are Predicting Ice Cream Sales To Rise Thanks To EXO’s Baekhyun

His power!

The members of EXO are no strangers to setting trends and making things sold out. They’ve completely sold out cars, made muffins completely sell out, and have even crashed websites with their power and it looks like they’re coming for ice cream next!

Hyundai Had To Stop Pre-Orders Of Their Car Because Of EXO-CBX


Baekhyun recently headed off to Japan for his own personal vacation and certainly looks like he’s enjoying his time there.


Besides the post of Baekhyun taking things easy in a hot spring, he grabbed fans attention with another post of him enjoying a sweet treat and captioned with “#IceCream.”


First fans couldn’t get over how cute Baekhyun stylized “ice cream”…


It even started trending in South Korea!


But their attention soon turned to what kind of ice cream he was eating. They wanted to eat the exact same kind…


And the brand started trending both in Japan and Korea!


Now fans have been joking that they should inform the company they should expect their sales to increase!


Now that’s king Baekyun’s influence!