EXO’s Kai And Baekhyun Speak Up About The Misconceptions About Idol Managers

They aren’t just “someone who does chores.”

For an episode of Workman, comedian Jang Sung Kyu decided to test out the position of being EXO‘s manager. When Sung Kyu was driving alone with Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Kai on their way back to SM Entertainment‘s headquarters, the conversation took a serious turn. Wanting to delve deeper, Jang Sung Kyu asked EXO what managers truly mean to artists. They then had an honest discussion that everyone needed to hear.

Baekhyun began by pointing out how idols and their managers are all working together for the same goals. However, he did admit that managers aren’t seen in a particularly positive light. That observation made Kai and Chanyeol agree.

We’re all in this together. I think the image surrounding managers isn’t that great.

Kai went on to explain their image. He said that people generally see managers as “someone who does chores.” It was so accurate that Sung Kyu chimed in. Having a manager of his own, he could see how it’s possible for people to look down on them. Kai was ready to set the record straight, though.

There are times like that.

Kai destroyed the view that people have about managers only doing simple tasks. He confirmed they were misconceptions. Managers do far more than that. Kai revealed that they actually take a lot of time to study music and dancing.

Many think that way. But, it’s not like that at all. They study a lot of music and study the art of dance.

Even when managers are doing other tasks, Sung Kyu’s day in the life of a manager made him realize they weren’t as easy as they seemed. Managers, especially those of idols, do far more than you think. Listen to Kai and Baekhyun set the record straight about how valuable they are.

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