Baekhyun Kept Interrupting EXO By Being Extremely Loud So They Repaid Him The Favor In Full

He got a taste of his own loud medicine:

After Baekhyun‘s loudness reached new levels during a recent live, EXO decided to team up and give him a taste of his own loud medicine!


EXO recently went live to celebrate the release of their highly-anticipated album with fans, do an unboxing of their album, and do a little celebrating for Chanyeol’s birthday too!


As the live went on and the celebrations went full swing, the energy levels of one Byun Baekhyun reached new levels. With his energy on high, his poor members’ ears faced the full power of Baekhyun’s voice!


Continuing to reach new decibel levels, there was no stopping Baekhyun. Even as Suho tried his hardest to give his last message to fans as the live wrapped up, Baekhyun’s powerful energy was still going strong leading to more than one interesting interruption!


But all of Baekhyun’s loudness came back to bite him in the end. After interrupting his members with his extraness, EXO decided to repay him in kind when it was his turn to give his message to EXO-L!


As Baekhyun attempted to talk with EXO-L, his members let loose a flood of noise.


They were so loud that Baekhyun crept closer and closer to the camera in an attempt to be heard! Eventually, Baekhyun was able to finish up his message too but not until after he’d gotten the full loud experience himself!

Check out EXO’s epic team-up against Baekhyun to give him a taste of his loudness in the clip below: