EXO’s Baekhyun Knows Where All The Concert Cameras Are…And You Should Be Scared

He’s been taking lessons from Dahyun and it’s bad for all our hearts!

Lately, fans have been noticing that EXO‘s Baekhyun has picked up a new talent for finding all the concert cameras…


And it’s incredibly bad for all our hearts!


Fans know that Baekhyun has been really good at capturing the camera’s attention for a long time now. After all, he literally grabbed the camera in “Overdose”!


But he’s been getting really good at not only capturing the camera’s attention but finding the camera too!


It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t see it at first…


He soon spies where the camera is and does a little something like this…




And this!


Fans are feeling pretty attacked by this newfound talent.


And unfortunately for our hearts, he’s really good at it!


So be scared! Very, very scared! Because Baekhyun is out to destroy us all!


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