Here Is How EXO Baekhyun’s Love Of Wolf Cuts Began, According To Baekhyun

It’s his favorite look for a special reason!

K-Pop idols are far from strangers to creative and experimental hairstyles. Due to the wide range of haircuts and colors that idols try, there are numerous options for everyone to pick a favorite style—and the fans’ opinion doesn’t always line up with the idols’. EXO‘s Baekhyun found that out when he wore his infamous red wolf cut during the Ko Ko Bop era.

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Baekhyun filmed a couple of episodes for the YouTube channel of Park Naeju, a famous K-Pop hairstylist who regularly styles many of the biggest names in the industry, including the members of EXO. In it, Park Naeju mentioned that fans had been wanting him to ask Baekhyun what his favorite hairstyle had been over the years. Baekhyun’s answer? Of course, the red wolf cut.

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It did not seem to be something either the fans or Park Naeju were expecting, judging from his hilariously unenthusiastic reaction…

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… and even Baekhyun admitted that the response to his haircut had been slightly less than positive. But it turns out he had been right about the wolf cut becoming popular again…he had just misjudged the timing.

Now that the wolf cut has made a big comeback, Baekhyun can look back and be proud, since he has actually been credited with leading the style’s revival. But Baekhyun’s love of wolf cuts didn’t start with Ko Ko Bop, as he explained in a live stream that EXO held to promote the song.


As it turns out, the wolf cut has always been special to him for a personal reason. During the live stream, Baekhyun was naturally asked about his hair, and he revealed that he had a special affection for it because his mother had given him that hairstyle when he was a small child.

Baekhyun has been a confident advocate for the wolf cut from the beginning…

…so even though fans’ opinions on his Ko Ko Bop look remain divided, they can still be proud of him for being the trendsetter that he is!