EXO’s Manager Just Called Baekhyun Out In A Major Way And Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

“The manager is so savage!”

Every year, SM Entertainment holds their famous Halloween party and the K-Pop community gets to marvel at all the fabulous costumes that their favorite artists wore to the event.

SM Entertainment Just Held Their Annual Halloween Party, Here Are 30+ Of Their Costumes


This year was no different with idols wearing everything from creepy classics…


To something a little more lighthearted.


While each of the outfits was unique and incredibly fun, EXO Baekhyun‘s mummy costume caught the attention of one of EXO’s managers.


The idol posted a picture of his costumed self to Instagram…


Only to receive a surprising message in return!

“No wonder there was no toilet paper in the dorm’s bathroom. Put it back!”

— Jinwook Bang, Manager


Since discovering the message, EXO-Ls just can’t stop laughing over it!


Some fans have even started joking that this was the real reason Baekhyun left the party early!


Of course, everyone knows that Baekhyun’s wrappings were actually cloth and not toilet paper but fans are still getting a kick out the hilarious message and think it proves once again how close the boys are to their managers.