Fans Are Worried About EXO’s Baekhyun After Privé Alliance’s Twitter Account Was Hacked

They’re afraid Baekhyun might get hate from it:

Fans have been excited ever since they heard the news that EXO‘s Baekhyun will be attending Privé Alliance‘s Fashion Presentation show in Los Angeles. A recent event with the streetwear company’s Twitter account, however, has left some fans concerned about Baekhyun, especially since he’s the co-creative director of Privé Alliance.


Privé Alliance shocked fans when they started tweeting out some very anti-EXO-L content. They called EXO-Ls names and hurled insults at the fandom.


Shortly afterword, Privé Alliance took to Instagram and posted a message that the account had been hacked. They apologized to EXO-L and asked fans to give them some time as they were looking into the matter.


It also seemed to be confirmed by the Twitter account itself when the hacker posted a message saying that the account had indeed been hacked.


But the damage had already been done. Many fans began to worry that if Baekhyun found out about the messages it would hurt him.


Although many fans are still worried, Privé Alliance opened a brand new Twitter account and the hacked account has been locked.


Meanwhile, Baekhyun will attending the streetwear’s Fashion Presentation show in Los Angeles, California on February 26.