EXO-Ls Can’t Stop Talking About Baekhyun’s Reaction To Fans’ Tears At EXO’s Recent Concert

Fans are loving everything about his reaction:

Baekhyun is grabbing everyone’s attention after fans saw his adorable reaction to fans’ tears during EXO‘s final EXplOration encore concert in Seoul on December 31, 2019.


At the very end of the night, Suho began his final ment where he thanked EXO-L and each member for staying strong together for an entire decade and more. his heartfelt words had an immediate effect on every fan and pretty soon their emotions poured out through tears.


While EXO-L were being taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride, Baekhyun was laser-focused on his leader. So focused, in fact, that when he finally looked up he was absolutely shocked to see that the fans in front of him were crying.


With the first wave of shock, Baekhyun quickly checked the fans on his other side and realized they were in tears too. As the situation hit Baekhyun, he couldn’t hide his reaction. First, he could only register shock, then as his surprise faded it turned into worry as he took in the situation.


After taking it all in and realizing there was nothing he could do, Baekhyun couldn’t help showing just a touch of amusement as he turned his focus back to Suho! 


Since getting a clear look at his reaction, EXO-L everywhere can’t help loving Baekhyun’s reaction. From his shock and worry to his amusement over the situation, fans are 100% here for his reaction!