Baekhyun’s Response To Winning The Best Couple Award Left Fans Feeling Very Attacked

Nobody was expecting Baekhyun to do this:

EXO recently reunited with fans at the Nature Republic Fan Festival. The festival was a very fun event for EXO-Ls especially the moment when the special award ceremony was held. There were plenty of different categories to keep fans guessing like “Best Artist” and “Best Actor” but they also decided to throw another special award into the mix, “Best Couple”!


When it was announced that Baekhyun and D.O. would be taking home the official award for “Best Couple” of EXO, the crowd went wild. But Baekhyun did something to make fans even cheer even louder. After the announcement was made, Baekhyun quickly pulled D.O. to the front of the stage to thank everyone for the award.

“We will live happily.”

— D.O.


Then things took an even more intense turn. After handing off his trophy to Kai, he decided to honor the reason they had received the award. Back in 2017, D.O. gave Baekhyun this legendary forehead kiss…


So Baekhyun decided it would be the perfect time to give one back to D.O!

“I’ll do it this time. Our D.O., close your eyes!”

— Baekhyun


The intense forehead kiss has been making fans feel all sorts of things, mainly very attacked!


Congratulations to this year’s “Best Couple” winners!