EXO’s Baekhyun Reveals His Three Go-To Foods For His Diet

The shake may keep you from giving it a try.

During the second part of his interview with iHeartRadio‘s Stacy Nam, EXO‘s Baekhyun enjoyed talking about his favorite food—pizza with cheese crust—so much that he began to think about how hungry he truly was.

When Stacy heard him say, “I’m so hungry,” she naturally asked him if he had to fight his cravings in order to keep up his diet. In the process, he revealed the three things that he’s been eating every day while promoting “Candy”.

Once Baekhyun mentioned, “I ate an apple before coming here,” it sounded super familiar. Through Lysn‘s Bubble, he’d already told fans that’s been one of his go-to snacks. Together, they said, “One sweet potato and one apple.”

Since Stacy wasn’t convinced those foods alone would satisfy someone’s hunger, Baekhyun explained how it’s worked for him.

The combination of the two fills him up so much that he isn’t even able to finish the apple: “But, you really get so full. Try it once. One sweet potato, and one apple. You won’t be able to finish it. I usually leave around two pieces. Two apple slices.”

Although eating a hefty sweet potato and nearly a whole apple satisfies his hunger at the time, Baekhyun confessed that he’s hungry all over again soon after. Thirty minutes later, “You would be even hungrier.”

When the hunger strikes again, Baekhyun has a solution in the form of another meal, “So, then I enjoy being hungry and have a chicken breast shake. Yes, shake.”

Since Stacy, like any average person, couldn’t wrap her mind around a meaty shake, Baekhyun explained it a bit more. The shake wasn’t merely chunks of blended chicken, there was fruit as well, “Yes. But, it’s chicken breast, strawberry, banana, honey…ingredients like this all combined… It’s delicious.”

He wasn’t the only member who loves a hearty chicken breast shake, either. Laughing, Baekhyun revealed, “All our members eat it.”

A diet like this may not work for the average person, especially if they don’t want to drink their chicken breast. Check out his latest go-to foods for staying slim and trim.