Baekhyun Showed Up In LA And The Fashion World Nearly Came To A Stop

Boss Baekhyun didn’t come to play.

EXO‘s Baekhyun is a very talented artist. He’s got a voice sent straight from the heavens, dance moves that can destroy any EXO-L, and his visuals are so stunning he almost caused the fashion world to come to a complete stop!


On February 26, Baekhyun attended the first ever Privé Alliance fashion presentation in Los Angeles as the creative director for the brand. It certainly wasn’t his title that left everyone gasping for air though!


Baekhyun’s stand out visuals certainly wowed and seeing him pose on the red carpet was enough to make anyone feel very attacked.


From the moment he arrived at the event, it was as if Baekhyun had made the whole fashion world grind to a complete halt because of his heart-fluttering good looks.


Baekhyun absolutely stunned fans with his top-notch visuals and aura and EXO-Ls felt like they were looking at a true boss.


His visuals and the event itself took over the internet with #Privé_Boss_Baekhyun and #BBHPrivéLA trended worldwide.


And why not? Baekhyun’s boss visuals could kill!


Although it’s been a few days since the event, netizens still feel the aftereffects and can’t get over just how amazing Baekhyun was at the event. Baekhyun truly is powerful!