This Insanely Viral Clip Of Baekhyun Singing “Learn To Meow” Is Exactly What You Need In Your Life

Seriously, you need this in your life!

With his amazing vocals, spot on choreography, and trademark cuteness on full display, EXO‘s Baekhyun has not only been going super viral with one 39-second clip but he’s also been stealing everybody’s heart!


Between games of PUBG on a recent episode of SM Super Idol League Season 3, Baekhyun treated fans to some amazing song covers. Each and every one of his covers was breathtaking…


But his cover of Xiao Feng Feng’s “Learn To Meow” was on a whole other level! For one the cute factor was times a thousand…


And for another, his vocals were spot on!


The 39-second clip of Baekhyun performing the song quickly captured everyone’s heart and the view count definitely shows that! Fans and non-fans alike can’t help but love this cute clip and only a few days after Baekhyun meowed his way into our hearts, the clip reached 1 million views!


Now the video is quickly on its way to 2 million and beyond!


But seriously, is it any wonder with so much cuteness from Baekhyun!