Baekhyun’s Visuals Are So Hot He Dominated Twitter With A Single Photo

Our hearts were definitely not prepared for this!

EXO‘s Baekhyun is certainly no stranger to making dominating worldwide trends. Nor is he unfamiliar with making everyone feel incredibly attacked with his stunning visuals, but he recently left fans K.O.-ed with a single picture.


There’s no doubt that any picture of Baekhyun can make fans feel a little weak in the knees but as soon as EXO-Ls caught their first glimpse of EXO’s special 7-year anniversary Hawaii photobook earlier this month they knew their hearts were going to be in some serious trouble!

The photo album ‘PRESENT; Gift’ will be released on April 30 to show EXO’s break in Hawaii! Preorders can be placed from various on and off-line music stores starting today (April 8).


Now that the photobook has been released, EXO-Ls have definitely been feeling the effects especially when it means they are seeing photos like this!


While every single one of the photos has been making fans feel like they are under attack, there’s one particular photo of Baekhyun that really conquered fans hearts. EXO-Ls were greeted by a series of different photos of Baekhyun from cute…


To sexy!


But nothing prepared them for this black and white photo of him!


Fans have been feeling very overwhelmed by this picture of Baekhyun and soon after the picture first made it’s appearance online, it took over everyone’s Twitter dash and soon Baekhyun was trending!


There’s no denying that Baekhyun’s smoldering hot visuals are almost too hot to handle!