EXO’s Baekhyun Yeeted His Tissue Box Out Of Frame The Minute He Realized Fans Might Buy Them Out

Baekhyun did NOT want them to sell out!

With their golden touch, EXO are constantly selling out everything they come in contact with. Over the years they have caused everything from cars to headbands to fly off the shelves in the blink of an eye.

Image: SBS Inkigayo PD Note

This “selling fairy” power can be a problem, however, especially when the members want an item to stick around so they can buy some too! And that was exactly how Baekhyun was feeling when he realized fans might buy out the tissues he was using during a recent live.

Meeting up with EXO-L online, Baekhyun sat down to eat and chat with fans. While Baekhyun had prepped himself well with everything he could need for the live, after finishing off one dish he realized that he didn’t have any napkins and quickly went to grab some tissues.

These tissues, however, didn’t last long! Within moments of Baekhyun bringing the tissues within his reach, he scanned the comments from fans and saw one letting him know that his tissues had a good chance of selling out!

As soon as Baekhyun read the comment, Baekhyun moved with lightning speed to slap the tissues out of the frame!

Baekhyun’s reaction has been sending EXO-L. They can’t stop laughing at just how quickly he got rid of the box of tissues after reading the comment!

Baekhyun is such a cutie! Watch the events leading up to the flying tissue box starting around the 28-minute mark as well as more cute Baekhyun live moments below: