Here Are Each Of EXO Baekhyun’s Travel Essentials

If he’s going anywhere, he needs to bring these with him.

In his latest vlog, Baekhyun takes a trip to Japan for EXO-CBX‘s MAGICAL CIRCUS concert. While unpacking, he shared with his viewers what his top travel essentials are. Surprisingly for one of the top K-Pop idols in the world, his travel must-haves are incredbily simple.

Firstly, he needs food – namely, chicken breast. He brought chicken breast with him from Korea to Japan, and stored it in the fridge as soon as he arrived.

Chicken breast is a very common staple meal for idols who are trying to stay fit and/or dieting. Since Baekhyun was in Japan for a concert, it makes absolute sense why chicken breast would be a necessity.

Secondly, he needs his laptop! Who doesn’t need their laptop for overseas trips?

This must-have item is simple at its core, but Baekhyun doesn’t tote any ordinary laptop. His entire gaming computer setup (complete with noise canceling headphones and a giant water-cooling system) took up an entire suitcase.

Baekhyun’s third must-have is music! As soon as he came into the room he started singing. When he was setting up his computer, he made sure he had some BGM going.


The interesting thing about Baekhyun’s choice in BGM is that it was, once again, his fellow EXO and EXO-CBX member Chen‘s album he decided to play. Baekyun also played Chen’s album when he was working out in his last vlog.

Lastly, he didn’t specify if he brought this from home or not, but we’d like to believe that Baekhyun owns the cute elephant and giraffe pillow case that he slept on.