EXO’s Chanyeol Had A Late Night Painting Session And Baekhyun Couldn’t Resist Teasing Him

He just couldn’t resist!

EXO‘s Chanyeol just had a fun late-night painting session with his friend MQ and when Baekhyun saw the photos, he just couldn’t resist teasing Chanyeol!


With Kai and Baekhyun currently in the U.S. for their SuperM schedules, their fellow EXO members have been busy with their own schedules. Chen has been stealing everyone’s hearts while promoting his latest solo album, Sehun‘s been MCing for Chen and spending lots of time loving on his cute pup Vivi, and Suho‘s been making everyone proud while attending film festivals.


Chanyeol, meanwhile, has been busy with Acqua di Parma activities and surprising everyone with some impromptu concerts! In fact, Chanyeol was recently spotted jamming out with Dynamic Duo, performing “What a life” with them, and simply having a blast!


Chanyeol has also been getting in some well-deserved rest by way of painting. Chanyeol recently went live with MQ and the two had fun painting a few canvases together.


When they were done, MQ and Chanyeol made everyone’s heart melt when they posted some photos from their painting session including this photo where Chanyeol went right for it and used his hands to create a masterpiece.


While fans were already loving the pictures and seeing how much fun Chanyeol had, things got even better when they realized Baekhyun had stopped over on Chanyeol’s Instagram page and simply couldn’t resist teasing Chanyeol over his painting technique!


Their interaction has been putting a huge smile on everyone’s face and why wouldn’t it! They’re so cute!