A Cappella Group NARIN’s “Evolution Of EXO” Stole The Heart Of Everyone Including Chanyeol

Chanyeol was spotted sharing some love for NARIN and their medley:

Not too long ago, the a cappella band NARIN shared a brand new video showcasing the musical evolution of EXO through a medley of EXO’s song. Their “Evolution of EXO” video not only caught the attention of EXO-L but Chanyeol too!

Image: @group_narin/Instagram

Performing from “Mama” to Suho‘s “Let’s Love”, NARIN not only highlighted EXO’s title songs but also beloved b-sides too. Mixed with their own heart-fluttering vocals, it’s really no surprise that their video quickly won the hearts of EXO-L and gained more than 500,000 views!

While EXO-L have already been sharing plenty of love for NARIN and their medley, they’re not alone. Chanyeol recently sent the group a whole lot of love too!

On April 27, Chanyeol headed to Instagram where he posted a screenshot of their video along with some words showing how much he loved their medley to his stories.

Shortly after Chanyeol had posted his stories, NARIN found out about it and sent some love right back at him posting a screenshot of his post to their Instagram and captioning the post with “OMG” and some cute emojis!

Two of the members of NARIN were also spotted cutely sharing their reactions to finding out Chanyeol had watched their video!

EXO-L, meanwhile, are just as excited as NARIN about Chanyeol checking out the medley!

If you haven’t already checked out NARIN’s “Evolution of EXO” you definitely don’t want to miss it! You can check it out for yourself above!