EXO’s Chanyeol Was Ready To Throw Hands At X-EXO Chen After Noticing A Fiery Detail In His Teasers

He was all fired up!

Although the battle between EXO and X-EXO only been between the individual members and their clone counterparts so far, when Chanyeol noticed one detail in the teasers for X-EXO’s Chen, well, he was ready to throw hands!


With EXO’s comeback right around the corner, they’ve been sending fans everywhere into panic mode with their intense and stunning concept trailers and individual teasers, including the most recent teasers for Chen and his X-EXO clone!


While both Chen and the doppelganger have been setting hearts ablaze with their fierce and intense visuals…


X-EXO’s Chen had Chanyeol all fired up for a completely different reason! Although Chen, and presumably his clone, has the power of lightning, a few of the teaser images for his clone featured fire…Chanyeol’s power!


When Chanyeol saw the fire in the background, well, he just had to say something!


Chanyeol’s reaction has been cracking fans up hard but hey, what’s a fire-powered hero supposed to do when someone else who’s not even his clone comes for his power!