Dispatch Continued Showering Chanyeol With Love And Fans Can’t Handle It

The love saga continues:

Although the relationship between Korean media outlet Dispatch and K-Pop stars can be rocky at times, Dispatch really can’t help showering EXO‘s Chanyeol with love!


Last month, Dispatch went in full fan mode! Their Instagram page was covered in pictures of Chanyeol, they changed their profile pic to a picture of Chanyeol, did a few Instagram stories with him, and they geeked out when they found out he commented on their photos!


Now they are back at it again! They recently started posting even more photos of Chanyeol to their social media pages…


Including a giant collage of his face on Instagram!


Of course, they also changed their profile picture once again…


And when Chanyeol commented on one of the photos they couldn’t stop themselves from creating an Instagram story about it!


EXO-Ls have been getting a real kick out of the continuing love story for Chanyeol!


And many fans are ready for Dispatch to admit that Chanyeol is their bias!