EXO-Ls Are Cracking Up Over Chanyeol’s Recent Interactions With Dispatch

Looks like Dispatch is in love with “Tommy Boy” too!

The relationship between Korean media outlet Dispatch and K-Pop stars isn’t always the smoothest and can probably best be described as love-hate, but Dispatch had nothing but love for Chanyeol recently and it’s causing EXO-Ls to crack up!


As fans know, Chanyeol recently attended the 2019 TOMMYNOW event at Fashion Week in Paris. He quickly stole the show and everyone’s heart, including Dispatch! Soon after the main event, Dispatch updated their Instagram profile to Chanyeol.


And their love didn’t stop there! They posted a series of photos from the event…


Added in a giant collage version…


And even uploaded a few Instagram stories praising Chanyeol’s good looks to boot!

“‘TOMMY BOY’ Chanyeol B cut. Please look forward to our collaboration.”


They also commented on Chanyeol’s own Instagram update from the event!


Fans loved all the Chaneyol updates and so did Chanyeol himself! Under one of the many Dispatch photos, Chanyeol left a comment showing some love for the pictures which Dispatch later reuploaded as an Instagram story!

“I can’t believe that dispatch Insta profile pic is my pic….”

— Chanyeol


All of these interactions have been cracking fans up…


And they just can’t believe that Dispatch is an EXO-L too!