EXO’s Chanyeol Was Blown Away By How Well His Finger Hearts Matched With A Past Clip Of D.O.

Chanyeol couldn’t believe how in synch they were:

Although EXO have been caught taking their “We are one, EXO” motto a little too seriously on more than one occasion. While their incredible mirroring normal happens at the same time, nobody was more surprised than Chanyeol to find out that his heart set perfectly matched one that D.O. had done over a year earlier!

Back in December 2018, D.O. was on a live broadcast to talk about his movie Swing Kids. After receiving 100 million hearts during the broadcast, D.O. gave fans a special surprise by doing a set of 5 cute hand hearts.

Fast forward to January 2020 and Chanyeol’s first episode of SM Super Idol League when Chanyeol gave EXO-L some aegyo-filled hearts of his own.

Image: SM Super Idol League broadcast

Although there was more than a year’s difference between the two heart sets, detective EXO-L couldn’t be fooled and quickly whipped up a side by side comparison of the two heart sets!

And Chanyeol saw it all! In the latest episode of SM Super Idol League, Chanyeol not only surprised fans by revealing he had seen the comparison but also admitted that he was blown away by the similarities between his and D.O.’s heart sets!

The interesting thing is, fans made a short video and it seems like Kyungsoo (D.O.) had done that heart set during a broadcast show. What he did is seriously the same as what I did! Like the first heart and the next… I was really surprised!

— Chanyeol

EXO-Ls, likewise, are blown away by the fact that Chanyeol had seen the fanmade edit and was amazed by it!

There’s no doubt EXO take their “We are one” motto very seriously!