Gaeko’s Wife Had Nothing But Praise For EXO Chanyeol’s Homemade Treats He Gave To Their Family

Just add outstanding baker to Chanyeol’s list of talents:

Is there anything that EXO‘s Chanyeol can’t do? He’s a very talented producer and writer, an exceptional rapper and singer, can rock out on numerous instruments, among others. Now, he can add being a standout baker to his list of talents too!

Last week, as a special Valentine’s Day surprise, Chanyeol and MQ whipped up some delectable desserts on their YouTube channel to give to Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko and Suho respectively.

When Chanyeol went to deliver his treats to Gaeko he wanted to make sure that all the love he poured into the snacks was shared and told Gaeko to share them with his wife and kids!

Enjoy it with your wife and children.

— Chanyeol

While everyone already got a look at Gaekho’s hilariously suspicious reaction in the video as well as through his Instagram post…

Everyone was soon curious to know what Gaeko’s wife, Kim Soo Mi, thought of the treats especially after Gaeko teasingly complained about his wife comparing him to Chanyeol! So when she opened up a Q&A session on Instagram, of course, fans had to ask!

Her verdict? Delicious!

Question: Did you eat the cake Chanyeol gave you well?

Kim Soo Mi: A taste like warm love.


Just add master baker to Chanyeol’s infinite amount of talents!

You can check out Chanyeol and MQ’s baking fun, as well as, they’re Valentine surprise gift-giving in the videos below: