EXO’s Chanyeol Gifts Fans With A Beautiful Song

His fans are eagerly waiting for a solo song from the idol.

Earlier this month, EXO‘s Chanyeol surprised his fans with a short but beautiful cover of Lil Nas X‘s “Sun Goes Down.”

Although the video was short, only about 15 seconds, his fans became emotional not only by hearing the idol’s beautiful voice but also because of some of the lyrics.

Notably, the song includes the words, “I’m so happy that it all worked out for me. I’ma make my fans so proud of me.” And while that section wasn’t included in Chanyeol’s short cover, fans still felt emotional.

Knowing that the idol always does want to make his fans proud of him.

But it appears that Chanyeol heard his fan’s hopes that he would eventually release a full cover. The idol finally uploaded his entire cover of the song “Sun Goes Down” to SoundCloud.

And, of course, his fans once more got emotional at his mesmerizing cover.

But fans were even more touched when they realized what day Chanyeol was uploading his cover.

Previously he promised his fans that he would give them content on the 27th of every month, which of course, fans look forward to while he is completing his military service.

And so far, the idol has diligently upheld his promise, usually in the form of vlogs to his channel NNG.

So fans are extra touched by this beautiful cover, uploaded on the 27th.

They made an adorable edit of Chanyeol to the song.

And even SoundCloud’s Twitter account voiced their excitement at Chanyeol’s cover.

Replying “finally!” to a fan’s tweet.

But ultimately, Chanyeol’s beautiful cover most excites his fans at the prospect of upcoming solo music the idol might release once he is discharged from the military.

You can listen to Chanyeol’s incredible cover of “Sun Goes Down” here.