EXO-Ls Couldn’t Be Happier That This Beauty Stole EXO Chanyeol’s Heart

Chanyeol has good taste!

Not too long ago, fans found out that EXO Chanyeol‘s heart had been captured by one adorable beauty and it’s making them feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


So who is this mysterious girl that has stolen Chanyeol’s heart? It’s none other than Park Naeun!


The Return of Superman cutie has made Chanyeol fall head over heels in love! When the two first met, Chanyeol admitted that Naeun was the prettiest girl he’d ever met.


And despite her constant teasing…


Chanyeol thought she was adorable and was just a little bit jealous that she was paying more attention to Kai!


And even though he got a strawberry to the back of the throat…


As well as a strong bite to his finger…


Naeun was still the prettiest girl to him!



Since the episode aired, fans have been extremely soft for Chanyeol’s answer and have continued showing him and Naeun lots of love.