EXO’s Chanyeol And Kai Gave Everyone’s Heart An Intense Workout With A Gym Version Of “1 Billion Views”

We’re still trying to recover after such a powerful heart workout:

As the kings of making hearts skip a beat, of course, EXO‘s Chanyeol and Kai know exactly how to make EXO-Ls’ hearts flutter. Recently, however, they didn’t just make them flutter they gave hearts everywhere a serious workout with their special gym version of Sehun and Chanyeol’s “1 Billion Views”.

| @cultwoshow/Instagram

On July 27, Kai surprised everyone by uploading a series of clips to his Instagram stories of himself and Chanyeol at the gym.

| @zkdlin/Instagram 

Captioning each simply with a hashtag for “1 Billion Views” and tagging Chanyeol, the videos kicked off with some playful freestyle before they launched a full-scale attack on hearts everywhere!

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Dancing the chorus part of the song, Chanyeol and Kai delivered a seriously flawless dance performance that left fans feeling more than a little overwhelmed.

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While fans were already struggling to catch their breath after that intense heart workout, Chanyeol decided EXO-Ls needed another set and got them started on the next reps by sharing Kai’s post to his own Instagram stories along with a caption on one of the videos that read, “Jongin-ie (Kai’s real name) why do you dance so well???

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Most workouts, however, have at least 3 sets of reps and this workout was no different! EXO’s official Instagram also uploaded the gym video, thus making sure that everyone’s exercise for the day was complete!

| @weareone.exo/Instagram

With a powerful combination of flawless moves, heart-stopping visuals, and gym setting, fans everywhere are still trying to recover from such an intense heart workout!

And if you still feel like your heart can take a few more reps even after such a powerful workout, watch EXO-SC‘s “1 Billion Views” MV below: