EXO’s Chanyeol Took Fans On An Emotional Rollercoaster Ride During His Live With A Single Song

Does anyone have some tissues?

It’s been a while since EXO‘s Chanyeol surprised fans one of his patented night time Instagram lives, but he recently blessed fans with a new live only this one was a little bit more of an emotional rollercoaster ride than they had bargained for!


Since Chanyeol went live late at night on a Monday, he decided to play some songs for EXO-Ls to help them ease into sleep.

Tomorrow is Tuesday so there may be people who have to go to school and leave for work. Listen to the songs I play and go to sleep when you are sleepy!

— Chanyeol


As Chanyeol played some music to lull fans to sleep, he suddenly had everyone feeling incredibly emotional with one particular music choice. During the broadcast, Chanyeol decided to play D.O.‘s “That’s Okay”.


Since D.O. entered the military, Chanyeol has shown just how much he misses him and when fans noticed that Chanyeol wasn’t talking during the song like he normally does everyone was sure it was because he was missing D.O. again.



Hearing the song and Chanyeol’s reaction had the same effect on fans too. As soon as the music started our hearts melted but at the same time, our hearts ached because we miss him so much!


With the single choice, Chanyeol truly took us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Now, does anyone have any tissues?