Chanyeol May Not Think He’s The Most Fashionable But Everyone At The Prada Event Begged To Differ

He completely stole the show:

Although EXO‘s Chanyeol has been to numerous fashion events and has even been praised by Vogue, he still doesn’t believe he’s one of the most fashionable members of EXO.


Chanyeol recently attended the 19SS Prada Cocktail Event in Singapore. While there he named Sehun as the most fashionable member of EXO and revealed he’s been taking fashion advice from him!


Although Chanyeol didn’t choose himself as a fashionable member, everyone who attended the event was definitely taken by Chanyeol’s charms. From the interviewers who were very ready to have a conversation with him…


To the fans who clearly made their presence known with their cheers!


One fan even noticed he had charmed one lady with a single smile!


Dressed in jeans, a black patterned shirt, and a black blazer it’s not hard to see why everyone went crazy for Chanyeol at the event.


The simple yet bold style made many fans feel weak in the knees…


And his killer visuals left fans and netizens alike gasping for breath.


Even if Chanyeol doesn’t see it himself as one of the most fashionable members of EXO, there’s just no denying that Chanyeol really is incredibly fashionable!