EXO Have A Serious Habit Of Stealing All Of Chanyeol’s Clothes

Chanyeol’s wardrobe is not safe around his members.

EXO-Ls know that Chanyeol is an incredibly fashionable man. He can rock luxury brands and suits or simply kick back in comfy t-shirts and jeans. All that style and comfort comes at a price, however, since Chanyeol has become the victim of the other members stealing his clothes!


Fans have noticed for a long time that Baekhyun loves to infiltrate Chanyeol’s wardrobe.


He’s been caught wearing Chanyeol’s apparel on multiple occasions, even if the sizes are two times bigger on him!

He’s even straight up admitted to wearing his fellow member’s clothes!


Chen has also been known to steal items from Chanyeol’s wardrobe.


Especially when it’s time to make an appearance on their reality show!

Season 1 and season 2 of Travel Around the World on EXO’s Ladder showed Chen pulling out the other member’s clothes.


While they’ve been caught before by fans, EXO-Ls have recently taken even more notice of it thanks to Chen’s latest raid and everyone thinks its equal parts hilarious and adorable!


But with a comfy and stylish wardrobe like that, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of EXO start stealing his clothes too!