EXO’s Chanyeol Crashed NCT’s Waiting Room When Backstage Boredom Struck

Boredom begone!

Waiting is already boring enough, but waiting around backstage before your performance starts is even more boring just ask EXO‘s Chanyeol. When presented with a little backstage boredom, however, Chanyeol had a brilliant solution — crash NCT‘s waiting room.

In the latest NNG video, Chanyeol took everyone behind-the-scenes during his time in Vietnam for the 2020 K-Pop Super Concert in Hanoi including his surprise visit to see NCT. When he and Sehun had arrived at the venue, Chanyeol was already itching to do something fun like, say, go to NCT’s waiting room and act like “bad seniors.”

While Sehun may not have been down for any of Chanyeol’s shenanigans…

That didn’t mean Chanyeol wasn’t willing to have a little fun on his own. After finding one of NCT’s rooms, Chanyeol burst in on a very surprised Yuta, Johnny, and Doyoung!

Although Chanyeol’s original plan may have been to create a little mischief, just seeing them was enough to chase away his boredom especially when they revealed they’re fans of his videos!

Watch Chanyeol throw his boredom away with the help of NCT and a little waiting room crashing below: