EXO’s Chanyeol Not-So-Subtly Hinted He Will Never Bring His Doggo Toben On Live Broadcast Again

EXO-Ls are cracking up hard at Chanyeol’s Toben declaration:

Although there’s no denying that EXO‘s Chanyeol loves his doggo Toben as much as any puppy parent could, after dealing with a Toben-gone-rogue one too many times, well, Chanyeol may not be quite so keen on having his furry friend on a live broadcast with him.


In between playing games on the latest episode of SM Super Idol League, Chanyeol took the time to answer fans’ questions. As he looked through the questions, he suddenly spotted one asking whether or not Toben would make an appearance on the next episode of the show. Chanyeol’s answer? No, not a chance!

Someone asked if Toben can join the next broadcast… I think it would be impossible.

— Chanyeol


With fans given a forecast of cloudy with a chance of never, Chanyeol clarified that he definitely has his reasons for wanting to keep Toben far, far away from live broadcasts. Three words — My Little Television!

Those who watched My Little Television would know he’s not someone that is compatible with a live broadcast.

— Chanyeol


Last time Toben appeared on a live broadcast was back in July when Toben joined Chanyeol, Sehun, and Sehun’s pup Vivi on My Little Television. And let’s just say that Toben gave even the fastest rocket a run for its money with all his zooming around the studio!


Toben’s out-of-control self left Chanyeol with such a strong memory, that he only had one more thing to say on the topic of Toben appearing on a livestream with him!

I almost didn’t want to see him after that.

— Chanyeol


After hearing Chanyeol’s Toben confession, EXO-Ls can’t stop laughing over Chanyeol’s one-sided beef with his doggo!


Even if Chanyeol has a bit of beef with his pup and is 10000% sure he’ll never let Toben film with him, he still loves his doggo with his whole heart! You can watch Chanyeol talk about Toben at the 1-hour and 43-minute mark below: