EXO’s Chanyeol Opened Up About Being A Representative Of Culture And More At The World Knowledge Forum

This is what Chanyeol had to say:

On September 25, EXO‘s Chanyeol attended the 20th World Knowledge Forum in Seoul. At the forum, Chanyeol not only left everyone breathless with his outstanding visuals but also through his words on culture at the event.


During the forum’s “The Future of Technology Innovation: The Entertainment World of the Future” segment, Chanyeol and Lee Soo Man took to the stage to speak. Although we didn’t get to see Chanyeol dance to “Love Shot” as Lee Soo Man had originally suggested during their introduction, Chanyeol did open up about seeing and experiencing the power of culture first hand.


He began by explaining one of his most recent experiences seeing culture cross borders and create a positive impact worldwide.

Whenever I go overseas for a tour or schedule, I always return feeling the impact that Korean culture has. I recently went to Bangkok for a concert and saw a fan with a banner that read ‘I’m learning Korean because of oppa’ in Korean. I could feel the cultural impact through the little things like that.

— Chanyeol


Chanyeol then went on to explain how it feels to be an influence and driving force for Korean culture as a K-Pop artist.

I feel grateful every time I see things like this and through these moments, I have felt that I have become an influential person.

— Chanyeol


Additionally, Chanyeol talked further on how he would like to continue his influence to bring the culture to even more people in the future.

I don’t know to what extent my influence will reach, but by believing in its infinite possibilities, I will work harder in promoting and letting people know about Korean culture. I want to continue to work harder, play good music, and be an artist who has a good influence.

— Chanyeol


Meanwhile, the Worldwide Knowledge Forum will continue discussions about everything from the economy to technology through September 27.

Source: MK