EXO’s Chanyeol Powered Through Pain To Make Their New Choreography Perfect

That’s true dedication.

During a recent interview with iHeartRadio, which featured in their appearance on Workman, EXO answered whether any funny incidents happened during filming for their latest music video “Obsession”.


Although there weren’t any funny ones perse, Baekhyun thought of one that showed how much of an ace Chanyeol is to the team. He highlighted a move that Chanyeol does at the beginning of the video, where his legs are positioned in a kind of awkward way as he laid on the floor, ”

Baekhyun admitted the move wasn’t an easy one to do, especially if one doesn’t prepare their body for it: “It’s very difficult if you do it without properly stretching beforehand.” It was so hard to do that Chanyeol couldn’t hold back his thoughts while doing it.

From the many times he had to perform the move, Chanyeol would often tell Baekhyun that it hurt and how it felt like he’d become a human spring from popping up and down so much. Baekhyun wasn’t the only member who noticed his pain, either.

Kai vividly remembered seeing Chanyeol in pain. Following his train of thought, Sehun admitted the move would be difficult for everyone, men as well as women, “This choreography is difficult for men. I feel it may be difficult for women as well.”

To prove how difficult the move was, Kai and Suho revealed that they’d all tried to do it. In the end, none of them succeeded. Sehun decided they should all give Chanyeol a round of applause for his effort, especially since it was painful to do.

Chanyeol can do moves that others find difficult. He was able to let that skill shine with this comeback. Listen to EXO praise him for his hard work of powering through the pain and doing what no one else could.