EXO’s Chanyeol Proved He’s Got A Heart Of Pure Gold After Mishearing A Fan’s Request

His actions are making fans feel soft:

EXO‘s encore EXplOration concert in Seoul kicked off with a bang on December 29. Not only did EXO dazzle with stunning performances, sweet ments, and plenty of wholesome interactions including moments with D.O. who was there to support them, but they also had some absolutely sweet moments with EXO-L too. One of those moments, in particular, is making fans feel extra soft!


As Suho was delivering one of his ments, Chanyeol asked fans nearby if they were hot because he was feeling warm.


Hearing Chanyeol, EXO-L sweetly started calling for Chanyeol to drink but he completely misheard! Although they were telling him he should drink some water, he thought that they were thirsty so he quickly turned towards the guards at the edge of the stage and asked them to bring water to EXO-Ls!


When fans realized Chanyeol was asking for water to be brought to them, they called louder and made it clear their request was for him to refresh his energy with some water! After finally understanding the request, Chanyeol made EXO-L happy by cooling down with a drink!


Fans are not only feeling all sorts of soft because Chanyeol cutely fulfilled the fan’s request…


But also because Chanyeol immediately showed concern and tried to get water for fans despite simply mishearing fans!

Although this moment happened because of a misheard request, Chanyeol’s sweet reaction towards EXO-L proves once again that his heart is made of pure gold!