EXO’s Chanyeol Racked Up Penalty Points In School — All In The Name Of Good Hair

Chanyeol was willing to break all the rules:

Since making his debut, EXO‘s Chanyeol has proven that he can rock any style with ease. He’s tried long hair, short hair, black hair, white hair, and everything in between and looked absolutely amazing! But it turns out that Chanyeol has been the king of the perfect hairstyle even before his debut. In fact, he was even willing to break school rules in the name of the good hair!

| @weareoneEXO/Twitter

Sitting down with 1st Look magazine for their Beauty Chronicles series, Chanyeol revealed some of his hair secrets including his hair rebellion in school! The first of Chanyeol’s hair secrets? Well, he admitted he used to style his hair behind his teacher’s back!

Well, to tell the truth at school I used to style my hair behind my teacher’s back. I always carried styling wax and hairspray with me. I guess I was obsessed with my hairstyle.

— Chanyeol

Besides sneaking in some styling while his teacher wasn’t looking, Chanyeol also wasn’t afraid to break school rules for style! Although his school had strict hairstyle regulations, he threw all caution to the wind and didn’t care about racking up penalty points for breaking the rules.

Anyway, at that time, the hairstyle regulations were very strict. But I did it even when I got penalty points for breaking the rules. These days I heard it’s relatively free.

— Chanyeol

Although Chanyeol may have thrown out all the rules and rocked the style he wanted during his school days, he did have some advice for students today. According to Chanyeol, the best hairstyle of all for students is a simple and neat look!

I just grew my hair. I actually think that the neat style is the best style for that age. I will say, simple is the best.

— Chanyeol

Rebellion or not, Chanyeol definitely has some serious hair game! Hear all about his rebellious phase and more in the video below: