EXO’s Chanyeol Revealed The Real Difference Between Being In A Group And A Subunit

There is one real difference according to Chanyeol:

As Chanyeol is a member of both EXO and EXO-SC, fans have often wondered what the biggest difference is between being in a nine-member group and a two-member subunit. Well, during a TMI session with 1st Look, Chanyeol revealed what the biggest difference really is and had fans laughing hard.

| @weareoneEXO/Twitter

After Chanyeol was asked if there were any differences between being in a full group versus a subunit duo, he revealed that there was. In fact, there was one very distinct difference between the two — the noise level!

Well, first a group is very noisy and a unit is not.

— Chanyeol

Being in a subunit is pretty quiet and comes with some a few ups and downs. On the one hand, the quieter environment doesn’t have quite the same energy as a full group.

Being in a unit with Sehun, we aren’t too loud. That kind of makes us less excited.

— Chanyeol

On the other hand, however, Chanyeol knows he can rest whenever he wants!

On the other hand, I can rest whenever I want. But it definitely feels emptier.

— Chanyeol

While there were bound to be some differences between being in a full group versus a subunit duo, EXO-Ls can’t help cracking up over the fact that the biggest difference according to Chanyeol was the noise!

Find out what other TMI topics Chanyeol dished about in the video below: